About Sage Publishing

About Sage Publishing:

At Sage Publishing, we pride ourselves on being a full-service publishing house with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to author success. Our mission is to bring diverse and engaging content to readers across multiple formats. Whether it’s the immersive experience of a printed book, the convenience of an eBook, the dynamic nature of an online publication, or the auditory journey of an audiobook, we ensure your story is accessible to all.

Our team of experienced editors, talented designers, and marketing professionals work closely with authors to provide a tailored publishing experience. From meticulous editing to stunning book design, from strategic marketing to global distribution, we handle every aspect of the publishing process to transform your manuscript into a masterpiece.

Sage Publishing is more than just a publisher; we are a community of book lovers dedicated to the art of bringing stories to life. Join us, and let’s turn your literary dreams into reality.

And our shared story has just begun.

Embark on a literary journey with Sage Publishing, where your words are transformed into masterpieces. We are the architects of your publishing dreams, offering a full suite of services to elevate your manuscript from a whisper to a roar. From the delicate art of printing to the dynamic world of distribution and marketing, we are your trusted partner in the noble craft of bookmaking.

Our company is built on a tapestry of diverse genres, each book a testament to our commitment to literary excellence. We pride ourselves on our seasoned expertise, having guided a constellation of writers to the coveted title of ‘published author.’

At Sage Publishing, we believe in the power of stories, not transactions. We stand apart from vanity publishers and self-publishing platforms, as we invest in your potential without any cost to you. Your success is the ink that writes our story, and together, we turn the page to a new chapter of possibilities.

Our Process

Sage Publishing Process Overview

Initial Submission

Query Letter & Manuscript Pages: The journey to publication begins with your initial submission, which should include a query letter and the first 10 pages of your manuscript. This allows us to get a sense of your writing style, the premise of your work, and its potential fit within our publishing line.

Manuscript Review

Full Manuscript Request: If your initial submission piques our interest, we’ll request the full manuscript for a more comprehensive review. This is a critical step where we delve deeper into the content, structure, and marketability of your work.

Contractual Agreement

Publishing Contract: Upon a favorable review of your full manuscript, we move forward with a publishing contract. This legal agreement outlines the rights, royalties, and responsibilities of both parties. It also includes a discussion on the best distribution and publication outlets suitable for your book.

Post-Contract Editing and Design

Developmental & Copy Editing: After the contract is signed, our team works closely with you on developmental and copy editing. This phase is dedicated to refining the narrative, enhancing the language, and ensuring the manuscript is free of errors.

Formatting, Cover, and Layout Design: Concurrently, we begin the process of formatting the book for print and digital formats, creating an eye-catching cover, and developing a professional layout design. These elements are crucial in capturing the attention of readers and setting the tone for their reading experience.

Printing and Distribution

Final Steps: With the manuscript fully edited and designed, we proceed to print and distribute the completed book. Your work will be made available through various channels, reaching readers across the globe.