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This section will highlight some of the manuscripts Sage Words Services has typed from handwritten manuscripts for their customers. The manuscripts were typed and edited by Sage Words Services. The authors requested them to be put into an E-Book format so they could gain some exposure while they explore self publishing

Kyle West is the most sought-after bounty hunter in the business. Bail jumpers and fugitives are his life. He will track them down no matter where they hide. Kyle works with the Federal Government, Interpol and his favorite boss, the female owner of a Pawn Shop and Bail Bonds in Los Vegas.

His latest round of runaways and fugitives are the hardest yet. Kyle finds a trail has gone cold on three fugitives that seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. They turn up in the most unlikely of places with no tracible means of getting there. By time he arrives, they are long gone. 

Another is an assassin who is killing Federal officials and is good at his game. Judges, congressmen, and politicians are dropping like flies. He uses his personal Osprey aircraft and group of friends to track down and catch the criminals.

This last batch seems to elude him the most. Watch how he uses his skills and contacts to bring the fugitives to justice.

This was submitted as a handwritten manuscript. It was typed and edited by Sage Words Services a division of Sage Words Publishing. It is provided in E-book format only. 

Currently Available on Kindle for $3.95

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